Lesson: Mosaic                                                                 Grade: 5
Vocabulary: Mosaic, Tiles, Patterns, Rhythms, Grout,Tracing paper, Clone
Objectives: After being shown how to do a mosaic on the computer, the student will create their own.  They may use an image they have brought in or a saved image. 
Method:  Load the image they are going to use.  Go to Artists Materials and in the colors, check clone colors.  Go to File and Clone.  Go to Canvas and choose Make Mosaic.  Pick the grout color by clicking on the grout square and choose the color that the grout  will be.  Check Tracing color.  In the tools in mosaic the first square should be highlighted.  The second square can be used to erase what you have done.  Start using a pattern and fill in the picture.  If you are using a wacom pen, you cannot use a mouse. Turn off the tracing paper to see how it looks. When finished, press the done square.  Save As….to your class folder. 
Materials: Painter 4-6 program, computer, disk if they wish to save image.
Time allowed: They may work in 15 minute timer sections.  Rotate students on the computer.  Finished project may take several weeks.  One a student has had 3- 15 minute time periods, they should be finished with their project.  They can print a black and white copy. 
Evaluation: Have they chosen a good color for the grout?  Does it compliment the picture?  Did they complete the process and have a successful mosaic ?  The best images will be color printed.
Other resources: Samples on board, prints of Mosaics.  Actual mosaics can be out to see and feel.