Crewel Stitchery Projects
This was everyone's favorite project.
 I always used it as the last project of the year because
 it kept their up their interest at the end of school,
it was fun and they ended up with a great art project to take home.
  I still see my old students who are grown up that say,
"Hey, I still have my pillow!"

Kindergarten Stitchery
Running Stitch Kindergarten
Grade #1 Stitchery
Flat or Satin Stitch
Grade #2 Stitchery
Fluffy Stitch
Grade #3 Stitchery
Rya/Fringe Stitch
Grade #4 Stitchery
Running Stitch to finish pillows
Grade #5 Stitchery
CrossStitch Kg and 1st grade
Stitchery Preparation for Teacher
Embroidery Stitches